“Johnson Huxtable is an up & coming emcee hailing from the DMV by way of Boston, Massachusetts. Experimental, old school, new found, deep, aesthetically appeasing hiphop is his forte’. He is trying to carve out his own niche within the hiphop community and gain respect amongst peers of his skill level.”

Check out the most recent of Johnson’s releases, Di$ketteNo.1

Appreciate it,

Bringing Down the House


Bringing Down the House

IAN PLACE! Hard at work with NEW fire TRACKS!

“Ian Place is a 23 year old producer/DJ working out of Washington, DC. Growing up in Cape Elizabeth, ME, Ian appreciated an eclectic mix of music as a child and teenager but never pursued production. As time passed and music technology advanced Ian eventually got his hands on a copy of Logic express. After practice and some music lessons it all started to click for Ian. His sound is developed by his carefully constructed funky grooves and deep basslines.”

“His debut came in 2012 via VSR records. Ian’s tracks have been featured on popular music blogs such as Peanut Butter & Jams, House.NET, TheGetDownnn, Acid Ted, Hype Machine, and many others. He has also received support from artists such as Jus Nowhere [Silence in The Metropolis, US], Mad Villains [Deeper Love, UK], David Heartbreak [OWSLA, US], Lazerdisk Party Sex [Mad Decent, US], and Rob Love [Baccara Records].”

“Ian currently has numerous projects for various labels in the works. His 2013 schedule is still being organized but for booking, remixes, collabs, and everything in between, you can contact Ian” – Ian

The above is for all of you that dont know yet! get hip to Mr. PLace, His tracks are FIRE

NU Team



“Hold Up Biaaachhhhh its you favorite song”

Kendrick and Schoolboy collab on another great track, slowly taking the game and hanging it from the moon. WE think that people are really gonna vibe with this tune, especially since it has such a catchy array of sounds that sound like your listening to instruments from west asia. They keep their fans hungry for good tracks and their creativeness, smooth instrumentals and sick vocals are putting it all together.

We took the liberty of taking the liberty to post someone else’s repost of this track on Youtube with lyrics! So all of you real fans can get em stuck in your head!


Amiel-Moshé X

performance shot

Its MosheX’s Birthday today so this article is a exclusive one dedicated to him. He is one of NOVA’s greatest MC’s. -Grinding on his own style of music since he was in elementary school. Dont believe him “let him show you a old cd that he made” Moshe X is a man way beyond his time, he wants to inspire people through his lyrics to show them that there is more to life than being trapped in the system. A rebel at heart Moshe has never been one to follow anyones rules. He makes his own path and is on his way to releasing what we think will be one of the greatest EP to come out of the state. He got Bars for days, and even that is a understatement, sometimes his vocal producer IV tells him “lets just get 4 beats going, you can easily freestyle them and they could all be hits”. He reps London Town, his city, where he has been through ups and downs with his homies and family and has even just released a new single honoring his city called BE THE MAN. Inspiring to put VA on the map for his family and friends is basically the only thing on his mind and his diligent work ethic and commitment  will drive him to the top. His first single is getting worked on as you are reading this text and will debut this summer, it reminds us of a old EP called “the block is hot” and we think it will do much better. We here at The Nova Underground are honored to be on his side while we grind, create new music and inspire those around us and when the time is right hit the road on go on tour.

Moshe X is also the creator of the NU90s

Check out some of his tracks here below and join the team!



Kid Ink – Hell and Back

This is not a new track, but we think that its drastically underrated. Kid Ink is a talented lyricist that has been grinding now for a minute. He has been on national tours and even featured on tracks with Meek Mills and DC’s own Wale. We feel like this year is going to be huge for him so we just wanna get hip before anyone else.

“can you feel the heat, the block is hot is ever in these city streets”



-By a student at George Mason University who has been producing/mixing/making EDM music for a few months now. He sent us his link along with a bunch of other artists but what really distinguished him is his sound. We thought his tracks were very well mixed and CRANK! A great addition to any turnt up party. So Tune in NOVA and check out CH∆NKEY!!!! We hope to see more from him in the near future!

This is one of the tracks we bumped up at the office.

NU Team



This track we think is gonna be a hit, released only a couple of hours ago, lil wayne and T.I both go innnnn with well put together verses, a strong structure and a fat beat. We have been bumping it in the office all morning. Safe to say YMCMB is killen it right now. Cant wait to see whats next but till then lets keep jamin.



Kendrick Lamar in our city, Washington, District of Columbia

DC was going wild for the show. The special thing about these great shots and Machine is that it was started by Raphael Bhatti – A ambitious promoter and videographer that got introduced to the industry at a young age. Studying film at George Mason University and privately funding and running MACHINE, Raphael has been side by side with a lot of famous artists including A$AP Rocky, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Trinidad James, Wale and lots more. His enthusiasm, courage and passion for his work has left a imprint on The Nova Underground. We hope to see plenty more from him and Machine in the future.

Check out Machine and subscribe!